How to Post Music Notes on Facebook Status

I saw these lyrics from the song Apologize by OneRepublic as a Facebook status of a friend. She was mentioning this song in reference to her heart-break and wanted the world to see the pieces of her broken heart. Her personal issues apart, I noticed something quite different in the status message. She had added music note symbols before and after her status. This made me wonder, how did she do it? Calling her was no use as I would be bombarded with the stories of her break up. And she will not be able to help me learn how to post music notes on Facebook status.

Thus, began my quest to learn all about how to make music notes on Facebook status. I could have asked around and I am sure most of my friends would have helped me know how. But, I chose to do a bit of research myself and get to the answer. And yes, I also did not want to portray myself as an illiterate when it comes to cool Facebook status ideas. I found it was as easy as a walk in the park when it comes to inserting these music notes on Facebook.

How to Insert Music Notes on Facebook Status?
There are two ways by which you can post music notes on Facebook status. I shall discuss both, one by one. First, you need to login to your Facebook account. Now, think of a funny Facebook status message and post it on your status bar. Now, you need to place your cursor in the area where you want to place your music note. Now, you need to make sure your number lock is ‘On’ on your keyboard. Then, press the Alt key and, simultaneously hold down the num key ‘1’ and ‘3’. This will help you create a single music note (♪ ) on your status. Once the note is posted, release the ‘Alt’, ‘1’ and ‘2’ key. Click on ‘Post’ and your new status with music notes will be published.

Posting music notes to Facebook status on a Mac is just as easy as for Windows users. All you need to do is press down the ‘Fn’ key and hold the ‘1’ and ‘3’ num keys simultaneously. This will help create the single music note on your status. The same should be followed for posting music notes to Facebook on a laptop. If you wish you can even press ‘Alt’ or ‘Fn’ key and hold down ‘1’ and ‘4’ keys simultaneously to get a double music note (♫♫).

Different Types of Music Notes on Facebook Status
You must be wondering that I just discussed one way of posting music notes on Facebook status. Don’t fret my friend, the second way is even simpler. All you need to do is copy the music notes you like from a friend’s status or websites offering these symbols. Paste the copied music note on your Facebook status. That’s it. But, I will make it even easier for you. I have compiled and pasted some of the interesting music notes symbols below. Just copy the one you like and paste it on your Facebook status.