Hip Hop Push Media Review

When we delve into the world of promotions for hip hop artists and producers, there are are only a handful of respected and reputable companies leading the way.This does limit the options that artists have. But from my experience, these top hip hop promotions companies do deliver on their promises of getting artists the exposure they need to become more well known on the independent level, as well as getting signed to a record label.

One of the things I always tell artists is that they can’t do everything by themselves. I know, I know, you’re an artist who thinks that all the record labels and promotion companies in the world are all snakes. While that may be true in some cases, there are actually some honest and reputable indie labels and rap promotion companies that are successful at pushing new artists into the limelight and making stars out of them.

As an artist you have to be willing to delegate certain tasks so you can focus on creating quality music.You can’t do that if you’re burnt out from managing your own career, booking your own studio time, setting up your own shows, creating the art work for your album, promoting your release dates on your social media, and creating your own website. And of course the list can go on and on.

And some of you who are reading this know exactly what I’m talking about because you are doing exactly that at this moment; due to the fact that you don’t trust anyone. But how can you do all things at once and become successful? It’s just impossible. The greatest hip hop artists in the world have managers, publishers, attorneys and also a promotional team. Yes a promotional team! If they don’t have an in house team they hire a reputable promotion company.

Some of you are at the phase now where you want to get your career going and in order for that to happen you need good promotion. You need to hire a company that has good contacts, able to deliver on their promotional promises, is affordable, has excellent customer service, and is willing to go the extra mile to see you become a success.

Now being an author on hip hop culture, and a A&R for many rap artists, I have come across many rap promotional companies over my 17 years of being in the industry. And to tell you the truth most of them are no longer around because they simply weren’t good at what they do. Again, there are only three, maybe four reputable companies that exclusively deal with the promotion of rap artists and producers and today I will be reviewing one of them.

Hip Hop Push Media’s Review

In this article I will be giving my honest review of an indie giant promotion power house named Hip Hop Push Media, LLC. I am best qualified to give this review because I have purchased many services from them over the span of 8 years, for many of the artists I managed. I don’t have any affiliation with them, I’ve only purchased promotional packages from them, and I’m giving my review as a music industry client. Nothing more, nothing less!

The information I’m giving is based on my experience with them, research and information given to me by other music industry colleagues that have worked with them or were clients of theirs.