Can guitar practice boost your intellect?

Guitar playing is such an interesting way of art creation and self exposure. It can lead you to another world, open your mind to generate ideas that people will like. That doesn’t mean that only creating new musical licks and playing tricks but it also allows to generate other ideas that would be appreciated by business people. I like to call it new ideas guitar guide.

How can learning the guitar help in boosting IQ?

This is an interesting question. Today I would like to discuss how learning to play the guitar can help boost your mind and maybe your own IQ. Practicing the guitar takes a lot of work and time. Being a guitar player myself I have discovered that after some time guitar practice really helps your brain. The brain starts thinking in new direction. Guitar play becomes more interesting and creative. The ideas start to appear also at the job (how to gain new sales, new customers and new business directions) which helps to boost your results.

So are guitarists more creative then others?

Well, I wouldn’t say that way. I don’t like to compare ones to another and then decide which are better and which are worst. It’s not the right way to talk about. Why I started this question, is that guitar players spend a lot of time playing the guitar. They train their fingers.

  • First when you start playing any string instrument, your fingers feel big pain. Metal strings are very thin and cut your fingers
  • It takes some till your fingers get used to playing
  • When they’re strong enough, your playing becomes open to complex licks and creativity which provides to new ideas.

Working with your fingers really helps in boosting your mind. Remember great masters like:

  1. Mozart;
  2. Rafael;
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci;

And others who invented visual and musical masterpieces that are respected and honored today. These masters worked hard to reach their goal. They all worked with their fingers. Musicians played, and painters drew paintings.

With all that said above I would like to stress that working with your fingers really helps in boosting your own IQ. Fingers is the instrument for true brain power.

Look at the guitarists fingers

Musician fingers tend to be thin and slim. Most of the people have slim fingers and beautiful hands which means that they workout their hands with some kind of easy job, painting, music playing or something like that. Most of the creative people who generate interesting and nontraditional ideas for successful business have thin fingers. Are those people artists? Maybe, or maybe not! But that doesn’t matter as long as you work with your hands.

So, are musicians, guitar players, artists more creative then average people?

It’s up to you to decide. But one thing that distinguishes these people from average ones. They all “employ” hands and fingers and this “job” helps in boosting your mind.

Remember that while learning to play guitar, your brain starts to overheat after couple of hours practice. Next day it will be “working” better and after some time new ideas will start appear in your playing and in your personal life or business.

Learn new ideas from various sources and “employ” your fingers for better results. If you’re interested in learning guitar or new ideas in playing, visit Guitar Guide Easy the website for all level players. The beginners will find easy guide and advanced players will also learn something new!