Benefits of Listening to Rap Music

download-1Pardon the pun, but rap music often gets a bad rap. Many people misunderstand those in the rap community. For that reason, there are some who have only negative feelings about rap music. However, there are some benefits to listening to this type of music. If you are new to the rap music world, then you might try listening to Chris Manson rap. This will help immerse you into the rap world to see if it’s something you are interested in. To check out some of his music, please click here. In the meantime, here are some of the not so well known benefits of listening to rap music.


Many people do not know this, but rap is actually a form of poetry. In fact, rap stands for “rhythmically accentuated poetry.” It can be a great way for people to express themselves. You may have never thought of rap as a form of art, but it really is. If you have ever sat down and actually listened to the lyrics in some rap songs, then you might understand

Free Music Streaming

imagesIt is very rare to find free online music streaming websites that you can download filesfrom. Sure we have SoundCloud and Spotify but those sources are not reliable. In some countries Spotify is entirely unavailable and you can’t access it. SoundCloud on the other hand does provide you with free streaming but when it comes to downloading your favorite tracks you hit a snag! Only a fraction of the tracks that you find on SoundCloud are available for free downloading. Most of the times you have to use third party services in order to download the tracks of your choice and likes.

Now what does one do when they are faced with such a situation? Sometimes you need offline access to music when you are on a bus ride or for simple melancholic reasons. Either way a person always needs there to be a good collection of songs on their phone no matter what. In this critical situation you need a music website that will provide you with a huge variety of songs as well as the option to download the

Let the Music Heal You

downloadMusic speaks to all of us. Be it an A R Rahman or Beethoven or Indian Classical music that does it for you. However different our tastes we all agree to the wonderful effect that music has on our lives. There is an anonymous quote which says “Music is how feelings sound like” and it is so true; whatever be our mood, there is some music that echoes our sentiment often reflects the sentiment better than we could ever hope to do.

We all realize that the therapeutic effect that music has as and how even the stresses of everyday life seem to dissolve away when we listen to our favorite songs. This therapeutic power of music is used as a healing aid in the form of Music therapy which is proving to be an immense help for all kind of ailments from Autismto Alzheimer’s to Heart patient to Depression patients.

How does Music heal?

There is no exact science, which points to what exactly happens when we listen to music, but there is research on the effects

The Roots And Genre Of Soul Music

What do Barry White, Marvin Gaye, The Emotions, and Luther Vandrose, have in common with Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, and Chaka Khan?  Soul is what they have in common, deep-rhythmic blues and vocals that can have you testifying, crying, or shouting out.  Soul music that touches deep into your being is what those artist and many more have in common.

When was the last time you listened to some good old soul music, sat back, allow it to take you to another place, released your mind and body, and allowed your soul to be touched?  If you can’t recall it is time you got back in touch with some rare soul grooves.

Soul music is a well-liked approach to music created back in the 50’s by influential artist like Ray Charles with his music and songs like “I’ve Got A Woman” “Confession Blues”, “Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand”, Little Richard with “Tutti Frutti” “Long Tall Sally”, “Good Golly, Miss Molly”) and James Brown  with his “Please, Please, Please”, “Try Me”).  The sultry blend of gospel with rhythm, blues, and beats began the birth of

Check Out the Latest in Naija Music Videos

Take a look at the latest Naija music videos for some of the most amazing tunes put to video format that you’ve ever seen. You won’t be disappointed.

In the music world, things change every day. What was once popular will eventually end up a part of music history. There is one great way to immortalize your music, and that’s to make a video. Music videos really bring the stories behind the songs to life in a more visual way. One great genre of music that is known throughout the world for lyrics, tunes, and most of all videos, is that of Naija music. Born in Nigeria, this music will have you on your feet and dancing like you’ve never danced before.

The great thing about Naija music videos is that there’s always a new one coming out. They put out songs and videos like birds put out tweets. And each new song makes a powerful new statement, each stronger and more upbeat than the last. Most of Naija music will give you a sort of hip hop and dance vibe, but some has more of an R&B type sound. All

Effects of Music on the Mind

The study of how music affects the mind has been a subject of interest for many. The interconnection between music and the physical and mental health of human beings has been researched on since long. Research has concluded that music does have positive effects on our mind. It has the power of healing certain ailments. Indian classical music has been found to have the strongest healing powers. Music has a calming effect on the mind. It is known to speed the recovery of health ailments. It helps fight anxiety and has a soothing effect on the brain.
Effects of Music on the Mental State
Fights Depression
Feeling depressed, gloomy or inadequate? Soothing music can help you. Depression reduces brain activity and hampers the mind’s ability to plan and carry out tasks. Lack of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, results in a depressed state of mind. Soothing musical notes help increase the Serotonin levels of the brain, thus alleviating mental depression. Natural musical notes are known to make the mind alert.

Relieves Anxiety
Anxiety is a feeling of fear or uncertainty that clouds your mind and the feeling is mostly about an upcoming event having an unknown outcome. The result is what

How Does Music Affect the Brain

Inside Your Brain!
A study was conducted to track patient’s ratings of their own anxiety. Before undergoing a surgery, they were randomly assigned to listen to music or take antianxiety pills.
The Outcome: Patients who listened to music had less anxiety compared to those who took pills.
Music has been an integral part of the human lifestyle from a long time. It is believed to have been a part of civilizations which existed 50,000 years ago. It is very interesting to note that music evolved as a means of expression, and hence, generally reflects the social, economic, environmental, religious, and other aspects related to humans. Thus, music was, and still is, a way to express a range of emotions and feelings. This process, in itself, has a great relieving effect and works wonders for the peaceful operation of the brain. When the mental faculty is provided a vent for its restless thought process, it automatically boosts the functioning of the brain and conclusively of all the other body processes.

Brain development is a method of training the thought process in such a way that it maintains proper working. There are two possible ways to understand the effect of music

How to Learn Music Notes Fast

Okay, I assume that you are a music enthusiast or an aspiring newbie musician who wants to learn music notes. Well, in this article, I will explain a bit regarding the procedure to learn music notes, using the reference of a musical instrument such as a guitar or a piano keyboard.

Please note: I will not be dealing with the topic of how to learn music notation. That, by far, is a very complex subject, and one which is certainly out of the scope of this article. Reading and writing music is something that you should learn on a personal level, i.e., on a face-to-face basis from a proper music teacher; not by yourself, and certainly NOT over the Internet.

In reality, if you really want to study music notes properly and understand them thoroughly, then the first thing you need to do, is get rid of that word ‘fast’ from your head, this very moment. The reason is, basic primary learning of musical notes may well be accomplished within a few minutes time; but if you want to perfect your knowledge and your art, then it requires nothing but consistent practice and long hours of sincere hard work.

Learning Music

How Can Learning Jazz Improve a Classical Musician’s

“…Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and Liszt all excelled in improvisation, which was then referred to as extemporization…”

Classical music is a sophisticated art form where talking during performances (much less to the musicians) is frowned upon. Yet in jazz, it is very common for the audience to speak to musicians during performances as a way of complimenting their improvisational skills.

Elements of jazz can be found in gospel, country, pop, R&B, movie soundtracks, and other musical forms. However, when the average person uses the word “jazz,” they may not understand the culture or the language.

Many people associate improvisation with jazz and vice-versa. However, improvisation has been an integral part of classical music history, stemming back to the medieval period in Gregorian chants. These chants used additional melodies above the Cantus Firmus (fixed melody in Latin), which were improvised by Medieval musicians to glorify God. In the later periods, improvisation was used in performances outside of churches. J.S. Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and Liszt all excelled in improvisation, which was then referred to as extemporization. Bartok’s “Mikrokosmos” were originally improvised as were Beethoven’s famous sketch books (which he later used in formal works).


The Importance of Lyrics in a Song

Are lyrics important in a song? While you won’t see a lot of people discussing this issue, this is probably a question that comes up every once in a while. The question is not as stupid as it sounds-many actually claim that lyrics do not serve any important function to a song. After all, a song is music; and while the sound would be different without the lyrics, the experience shouldn’t be any different. There are people who listen to music for the sake of the sound, considering the lyrics as an exterior, an addition, instead as an integral part of the creation. But is this entirely true? Are lyrics really important?

Many would say yes for several reasons. For one, many listeners of music find the appeal of songs in the lyrics and not in the music. This is because they find the song lyrics “relatable.” By this, it means the listeners can connect with the song, perhaps because they have experienced the sentiments and narrative delivered by the lyrics. Lyrics as something relatable are usually applicable when the song lyrics are in the form of a narrative; or

Does Music Help Us Sleep

Did You Know?
Max Richter’s ‘Sleep’ is a cradle song, termed as ‘my personal lullaby for a frenetic world’ by him. This eight-hour piece includes pieces that will take you into a trance-like state, and holds the record for being the longest live broadcasted composition of music.
It is a well-known fact that most Americans have trouble getting enough sleep. In fact, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), 40 millions Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation can have serious repercussions; it can affect memory, decision-making abilities, and overall mental health.

As babies, most of us went off into dreamland peacefully listening to lullabies. But can music help adults sleep as well? Well, the answer is yes, and no. Music may not make you sleep, but it can definitely help you sleep.
Music And Sleep
The International Journal of Nursing published a study of 557 adults suffering from sleep disorders. In this study, music was played when they were sleeping. Over a short period of time, improvement in the sleep quality of most individuals was seen. In certain cases, there was no significant difference. Such cases may need a longer study to get

Guitar Players Super Glue Finger Tips

Here is an exclusive tip from the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Players like Stevie Ray bend strings use a playing technique where you bend the strings with your left hand, for right handed guitarists that is. It is part of the particular style of music most blues players use, which is a staple of blues guitar music.

Bending the guitar strings to change a note or tone is abusive to the fingertips of the fret hand. To put it mildly it is a lot of work to play this style.

Stevie Ray Vaughan used the largest gauge strings made, at least ones I am familiar with. Gauge size is .013″ to .056″, basically the same size as suspension bridge cable. I am a sissy, I use light gauge strings such as .009″ to .046″ gauge. Bending strings is quite common today, however there is a fairly serious problem that can occur from lots of guitar string bending that is not a guitar problem. It is more of a guitarists health problem.

The problem I want to address is cuts on your fingertips and or separation of the fingernail to the fingertip

Pros and Cons of Downloading Music

For most of us, downloading music is one of our favorite activities when on the Internet. Most of us love surfing web sites that facilitate music downloads. Downloading music from the Internet may make it conveniently available. But does it have a negative effect on the music industry? Does it, in some way affect the earnings of the artists? What are the pros and cons of downloading music? Let us see.

The Pros
Downloading music makes it readily available to the masses. Music reaches the masses in minutes. When it can be downloaded, music lovers get what they need without struggling for long periods of time. When music becomes available within sometime after its release, it is a real musical treat for those waiting for the release. Their favorite music becomes handy.
When you download music, you save on the costs that would be incurred if you would have decided to buy it. Music cassettes, CDs and DVDs cost handsomely. The original copies of music need you to shell out big bucks. If music is downloadable, you are sure to save money, thanks to the facilities of free downloading.
Supporters of downloading music claim that making music readily available

Elements of Classical Music

It’s the beautiful arrangement and harmony in the components of classic music that spellbound its listeners so much. The period between 1750 – 1830 is known as the Classical period, during which musicians and singers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven created a history in classical music. The popularity of classical music had a far flung effect and even common people developed an inclination for it. Singers and composers experimented with different styles and practiced use of different types of instruments for creating new genres.

Singing classical songs is truly difficult if you are not well versed with its elements, forms and characteristics. The approach and concept of people about classical music although differ a lot, yet there are some traits that are common in all. Classical music elements actually refer to the parts, sections and the components of the music that make it complete. Such elements form an integral part of different types of musical instruments, like violin, saxophone, piano, guitar, percussion, flute, etc. The essence of classical music lies in harmonizing the notes and chords to generate a tune where we can submerge ourselves completely. It’s because these elements are

How To Protect Your Singing Voice

Most people think that singers with good voices are born with them. Yes, although some people have better singing voices than others, most, if not all good singers undergo vocal training to improve their voices.

Most of the singer’s training is done through specific vocal exercises to achieve certain effects such as singing powerfully, getting vibrato into the singing voice or even expanding your vocal range so that singing higher notes is a breeze.

Unfortunately, this article cannot do that as the exercises must be physically demonstrated and manually practised. So instead of learning how to get a good voice, this article will show you how to protect and preserve your singing voice because your voice quality can be destroyed by bad habits that you may not even know you have.

Your voice is produced by a delicate mechanism and when used correctly, it rarely gives you any problem. So take good care of your precious voice and will serve you well for your lifetime.

The first golden rule to having a good voice quality is not to take up smoking and if you are already a smoker, do quit smoking before this

How to Post Music Notes on Facebook Status

I saw these lyrics from the song Apologize by OneRepublic as a Facebook status of a friend. She was mentioning this song in reference to her heart-break and wanted the world to see the pieces of her broken heart. Her personal issues apart, I noticed something quite different in the status message. She had added music note symbols before and after her status. This made me wonder, how did she do it? Calling her was no use as I would be bombarded with the stories of her break up. And she will not be able to help me learn how to post music notes on Facebook status.

Thus, began my quest to learn all about how to make music notes on Facebook status. I could have asked around and I am sure most of my friends would have helped me know how. But, I chose to do a bit of research myself and get to the answer. And yes, I also did not want to portray myself as an illiterate when it comes to cool Facebook status ideas. I found it was as easy as a walk in the park when it comes to inserting these music notes on

Can guitar practice boost your intellect?

Guitar playing is such an interesting way of art creation and self exposure. It can lead you to another world, open your mind to generate ideas that people will like. That doesn’t mean that only creating new musical licks and playing tricks but it also allows to generate other ideas that would be appreciated by business people. I like to call it new ideas guitar guide.

How can learning the guitar help in boosting IQ?

This is an interesting question. Today I would like to discuss how learning to play the guitar can help boost your mind and maybe your own IQ. Practicing the guitar takes a lot of work and time. Being a guitar player myself I have discovered that after some time guitar practice really helps your brain. The brain starts thinking in new direction. Guitar play becomes more interesting and creative. The ideas start to appear also at the job (how to gain new sales, new customers and new business directions) which helps to boost your results.

So are guitarists more creative then others?

Well, I wouldn’t say that way. I don’t like to compare ones to another and then decide

Hip Hop Push Media Review

When we delve into the world of promotions for hip hop artists and producers, there are are only a handful of respected and reputable companies leading the way.This does limit the options that artists have. But from my experience, these top hip hop promotions companies do deliver on their promises of getting artists the exposure they need to become more well known on the independent level, as well as getting signed to a record label.

One of the things I always tell artists is that they can’t do everything by themselves. I know, I know, you’re an artist who thinks that all the record labels and promotion companies in the world are all snakes. While that may be true in some cases, there are actually some honest and reputable indie labels and rap promotion companies that are successful at pushing new artists into the limelight and making stars out of them.

As an artist you have to be willing to delegate certain tasks so you can focus on creating quality music.You can’t do that if you’re burnt out from managing your own career, booking your own studio time, setting up your own shows, creating the art

Best free Music & Audio

Are you looking for best and free Music apps for you android device, then you are at right place. There are so many Music apps available in Android market, so today we are going to list some of these in this topic. And don,t forget to check out our Complete List of Android Apps, Games, Tips & Tricks.

1. Pandora internet radio

Pandora radio is a personalized radio service that streams music on your phone. Start with the name of one of your favorite artists, HP business notebook 6710b battery songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.

2. Shazam

Shazam is one of my fav android app, it helps you to discover more about music. Just hold your phone up to the song to identify the track, buy it, check out the videos, get the lyrics, share it with friends – and more!

3. TuneIn Radio

It helps you to Browse and listen to radio — live, local and global. Find your faves with over 50,000 channels of music, sports, news, podcasts and national networks like BBC, NPR, SWR. For more

How Music Entertains Us

Music is one of the few things that bring life in so many situations in life. It helps you enjoy your simple and uneventful day and makes you revel in the beauty of a planned party at your friend’s house. The emo, indie, folk or alternative songs help make life a reality. You can live and enjoy your day as the music adds color it. The otherwise boring and empty canvas that sometimes mark your life is beautifully transformed by your music.

This is how music entertains us. It brings life and washes away and the mundane cycle of activities and schedules. When you play your emo, indie or alternative songs it touches you and you feel different. You know the music did it as you feel much better than before. You can now smile. There is even a bounce to your walk. The music entertains and causes you to want to be a part of life again.

Music helps you break barriers and boundaries that can confine you into your own little world. When you enter a room full of strangers and you hear some nice